Monday, October 22, 2012


Mopsick Tax Law is happy to be a co-sponsor again of the

Cal CPA ABC Mixer at the Sutter Club in Sacramento. The "ABC" stands for attorneys, bankers and CPA’s. The event was so successful this past February that our good friend Dave Motes, who has organized this event for years, decided to do it twice a year. I have co-sponsored this event for a number of years and found it to be an excellent opportunity to meet new people as well as re-connect with long standing colleagues in the Sacramento community.

Also, the Cal CPA Education Foundation invited me to speak at their

annual Tax Update & Planning Conference. I will be speaking in Burbank on November 19th, and then in San Francisco on November 20th to participate in a webcast. The topic will be due diligence in the global environment and will cover FBAR compliance, form 8938, (statement of foreign financial assets) and the duty of a return preparer to inquire regarding a client’s offshore holdings.

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  1. Regarding "the duty of a return preparer to inquire regarding a client’s offshore holdings."

    It seems that a lot of work must be done in this area. Maybe it should be covered by the IRS's training / tax preparer's exam. Do you know if it's in there?
    I polled some of my immigrants friends who use tax preparers. NONE of the preparers asked the question and by default either check the wrong box or ignored it on schedule B. NONE. And it's pretty obvious when any of us open our mouth that we're from abroad.
    I am surprised we haven't seen any lawsuits against tax preparers related to OVDI and FBAR penalties. Probably because most of the people affected now are middle class, middle income immigrants, who can't afford to sue them. How sad.


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