Monday, February 6, 2012

Insights From Canadian Expats!

We found a very interesting blog titled The Isaac Brock Society.  “The Isaac Brock Society consists of individuals who are concerned about the treatment by the United States government of US persons who live in Canada and abroad.”  I saw a post that caught my attention with the name US expat tax and FBAR: Discussion threat (Ask your questions ).”    The participants of this blog gathered together on this post to discuss the new IRS initiative, to focus on offshore compliance. I posted a comment with the name “30 Year IRS Vet”, and didn’t realize I would make such an impact.  Since my original post, four more posts have been generated.  My most recent post is in response to the numerous requests I have received about elaborating on the voluntary disclosure program for those who are considering the possibility of entering the program.   The tile of the post is “The 30-yr IRS Vet on the 2012 Overseas Voluntary Disclosure program.”  I urge you all to look at The Isaac Brock blog and witness for yourself the fight the members are willing to take on  in order to encourage the politicians in their countries to stand up for them.  For those of you interested in what I had to say, check out the following posts:

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