Mopsick Tax Law, LLP

Professionalism, depth of experience and results-backed confidence. These qualities give clients of Mopsick Tax Law a distinct advantage in resolving tax controversy issues with the IRS.

Rather than employing a combative, confrontational approach that can waste significant amounts of time and money, our attorneys apply a firm, but cooperative, approach based on legal expertise and extensive knowledge of internal IRS operations, procedures and organizational culture.
Partner Steven J. Mopsick is backed by a 30 year legal career with the IRS at the  management level in the Office of Chief Counsel  in Washington D.C., and a leadership position in California, where he managed an IRS trial attorney field office  responsible for the collection of a multimillion dollar inventory of cases before the United States Tax Court.  (Steve is a federal tax attorney only as he is not admitted to practice law in California.  Thus, his practice is limited to matters before the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Treasury Department and the United States Tax Court, and he does not advise or represent clients regarding California state tax matters.)
Partner Ryan Carrere has extensive experience with  tax controversy matters.  Ryan is a member of the California Bar and admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court, the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of California, and all courts of the State of California. Mopsick Tax Law focuses on effective resolution of federal and California state[1] tax controversy issues, including civil fraud and criminal investigations, complex audits and general compliance problems. A particular firm focus is resolving offshore compliance issues for clients with undisclosed foreign assets while avoiding onerous penalties, and criminal prosecution.
The rapidly expanding ability of the IRS to secure previously secret account information from foreign banks and governments has caught by surprise numerous well-meaning people, many of whom were unaware of new strict reporting and compliance measures under the Bank Secrecy Act which the IRS is now only beginning to enforce and the Foreign Account Compliance Act which will spear-head the next round of IRS enforcement in 2012 and in future years. Our attorneys possess the necessary experience to obtain equitable, often favorable, outcomes for these individuals.
Our approach to dealing with the IRS is based on solid experience and common sense. In the great majority of cases, an IRS agent wants to determine the accuracy of the tax reported on a return and move on to the next case as soon as possible. Our experience teaches we can be far more effective in representing clients before the IRS by being cooperative and business-like. With years of valuable experience, Mopsick Tax Law is the logical, effective and sophisticated approach to resolving federal and California state tax issues.